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Answering Questions on Property Refurbishments in Worthing

If you’re a homeowner in Worthing and can’t bear walking into the kitchen or bathroom without feeling a certain sense of shame, we think you might be ready to talk to us about property refurbishments. Our company covers the whole of the Worthing area, providing the services of kitchen and bathroom planners, kitchen and bathroom fitters, tiling specialists and general property refurbishment professionals.


On this page, we answer questions on property refurbishments so that customers in Worthing and the surrounding areas know exactly what to expect from our services.


Do you undertake property refurbishments of any type?


Yes, and we firmly believe that no job is ever too big or too small for us. While we’re happy to provide property refurbishments in Worthing on anything from a single room to an entire home, however, we do tend to specialise in kitchens and bathrooms. This is where the majority of our work comes from, and this is why we choose to specialise in them.


Every aspect of your refurbishment can be handled by our team, including the fitting of sanitary wear and the laying of tiling for walls and floors in your Worthing home.


What role do your kitchen and bathroom planners play in a refurbishment?


Successful property refurbishments require careful design and planning. Our kitchen and bathroom planners work closely with customers from the Worthing area, and take the time to listen to their ideas carefully. By merging customer concepts with their many years of industry experience, our kitchen and bathroom planners can create the perfect design.


CAD software is used to provide photorealistic pictures of property refurbishments, and these images allow the customer to make changes before the actual project commences.


What happens once your kitchen and bathroom fitters start work?


Understandably, there will be some minor disruption with property refurbishments of any kind but our kitchen and bathroom fitters will always try to minimise noise and untidiness while working at your Worthing property. All materials listed in your quotation will be brought to site so that the timescale we provide you with is strictly adhered to.


Our kitchen and bathroom fitters will obviously liaise with you while work is ongoing but their presence will never be a hindrance. When everything is finished and we’ve fitted the last accessory or set the last piece of tiling at your Worthing home, we’ll walk you through the job and will only leave (with any waste created) once you’re entirely satisfied.


What tiling options do you provide for kitchens and bathrooms?


Our experience has taught us that some types of tiling will work better in certain environments than others. Anti-slip floor tiling, for example, is suitable for use in kitchens but may not always have the decorative appeal your Worthing bathroom needs. There is also the choice of material to consider, especially as some tiles are more porous.


To help you along the way, our kitchen and bathroom planners can provide you with tiling samples and helpful advice so that you’ll always make the best possible decision.

Call NPD Refurbishments on 01403 738103 to discuss property refurbishments and tiling work in Worthing with our bathroom planner and fitters.