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Choosing the Right Tiling for Kitchens and Bathrooms in Horsham

At NPD Refurbishments, we’ve made the renovation and remodelling of bathrooms something of an art form. While our company is happy to undertake general property refurbishments in Horsham, we like to test the talents of our bathroom planners and bathroom fitters by letting them work in a more familiar environment. We excel in kitchen refurbishments too, and there’s one thing kitchens and bathrooms have in common.




Because tiles are often overlooked when homeowners in Horsham are considering a new fitted kitchen or a new bathroom suite, some companies providing property refurbishments tend to overlook them too. This is never the case with NPD Refurbishments. Our kitchen and bathroom planners, and our kitchen and bathroom fitters, all take the subject of tiling seriously. Below, we provide advice on how to select tiles for your Horsham home.


  1. If space is limited or if a room is dark, our bathroom planners strongly recommend the use of light-coloured tiling to create an impression of space.
  2. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour during property refurbishments on kitchens and bathrooms. Some truly unique and striking effects can be achieved.
  3. Tiling is an investment for your Horsham property, not an unnecessary expense. Always purchase the best tiles you can afford on your refurbishment budget.
  4. If you are using kitchen or bathroom fitters but buying your own tiling, allow up to 5% to 10% extra for waste, damage and having spares available for replacement.
  5. The kitchen and bathroom planners at NPD Refurbishments always recommend a grout colour which allows easier blending for the thin lines between tiling.
  6. Walls and floors at your Horsham property will benefit from smaller tiles if our kitchen and bathroom fitters need to make a larger number of cuts when working.
  7. Previous tiling work on property refurbishments have taught us that border tiles and complementing colours break up continuous areas of dull wall space.
  8. Your choice of tiling should be based on the intended usage, particularly when it comes to floor tiles. Allow for foot traffic, abrasion and slipping hazards.
  9. Talk to our bathroom planners about tiling before making a decision and receive the best possible advice on ceramics, marble, travertine and natural stone tiles.
  10. If you’re worried about the final finish of work at your Horsham home, ask our kitchen and bathroom fitters to obtain samples before the design work begins.

To discuss tiling a kitchen or bathroom at your Horsham home, or to talk about property refurbishments, call us now on 01403 738103.